On her website Publicizing the program, King quotes a passage from the movie “Coach Carter’ (2005), which references spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson’s book, “A Return to Love,” in response to the question of fear. It says, in part, “(A)s we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence liberates others.’ King is recognized for multi-nuanced abstract and literal choreographic story telling, which seek truths that liberate. In that quest, she is fearless. Bonnie Rosenstock/Explore Dance (2015)

What ‘LISTEn’ does best is showcase the company’s talent through vigorous, full bodied movement sections that lead to a vivid sense of catharsis.  Jenny Thomson/NY Dance Examiner (2014)

‘...certain choreographers, and their charges, stood out as unique....Joyce King’s ‘LISTEn’ (an excerpt), a larger ensemble flight into the realm of the imagination, felt like a force of nature. The stormy energy and expansiveness of 10 dancers moving in unison onstage at the Salvatore Capezio Theater felt like a definite movement of catharsis. Jamie Townsend/Explore Dance (April 2014)

‘....the works in ‘UnWrapped’ are provocative, emotional and daring.’ Marilynn Larkin/Explore Dance (2013)

‘...the movement matched the energy of the music, almost never stopping to catch its breath’ . Nellie Rainwater/DIXON Place/NYC10 (Oct. 2012)

chosen as top performance pick

‘...undeniably emotion, unabashedly raw, and most

importantly real. Artistic Director and Choreographer ,

Joyce King allows herself to be vulnerable as both

artist and person...’

Jenny Thompson/NY Dance Examiner (May 2012)


*costume manipulation reminded me CHANGE IS POSSIBLE/ there’s not one right answer/we have choices on how we

   interact with the world

*rare insight into female psychology

*women partnering with each other was brilliant and strong, but in a feminine way

*the intricacy of the vest while partnering was astonishing

*deeply psychological; incredibly moving

*seamless transitions; mastery of props and dancers

*music/ story seeded into my mind

*original; stunning; beautiful

     Audience responses to excerpts of ‘per.cept.shun’, at Gibney ‘ShowDown’ and Mark Morris ‘SharedSpace’ (2017)

‘I was literally mesmerized by Joyce King’s choreography and

the incredible skill of her dancers.  I could not stop feeling like I

was witnessing something very very important.  I cannot wait to

see them again’. Juilet Cummings, Director, The Mark Shaw Photographic Archive (2016)

‘Most people know me as an actress, but the truth of it is that I started off as a dancer so my heart is always first and foremost

in the dance world. The most powerful woman are up there and it’s just an empowering dance company for women. The choreography is so fluid, so great, so special’. Ilene Kristen/Actress, ABC’s ‘General Hospital’, ‘One Life to Live’, ‘Ryan’s Hope’. (2014)

Ms. King’s passion for her craft, knowledge and unique style are truly inspirational. She presents the material with an energy and enthusiasm that is second to none. Karen Pariseau, Director/Owner Bedford Dance Center (2014)

It’s been several weeks since I attended the Joyce King dance concert, and yet each piece remains vividly etched in my mind, which says a lot about the impact of these poignant vignettes. The combination of choreography, choice of music, costumes and props, plus the intensity of facial/visual expression created riveting stories. I was spellbound. Beautiful work!’ Rosalinde Block, Author NYC (2013)

‘King has given the little girls inside us a chance to scream with out uttering a sound, beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. Maria Gentile, Singer/Songwriter, NYC (2013)

‘Joyce King’s choreography is at time lyrical, at other times athletic and dramatic, but always striking and emotionally resonant’. Marian Hyun, Artistic Director/President Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc NYC

‘Joyce King’s work as a choreographer is outstanding. She is innovative, she takes risks, her dancers are always positive, well rehearsed and very professional.’ Merete Muenter, Artistic Director, Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc. NYC (2011)                                                                                                                                                                

Photos: Top Left: Jaqi Medlock, Umbrella: Peter Yesley, Right:

JKDramatiCreations, LLC/JKing Dance Co.

All Rights Reserved

Photo Darial Sneed

King is recognized for multi-nuanced abstract and literal choreographic story telling, which seek truths that liberate. In that quest, she is fearless ‘ ~ Bonnie Rosenstock 2015